some of our EXTERIOR works

Reflection design studio since 2008 is an expert in architecture & interior design. The design team includes architects, interior designers, graphic designers, consultants, providing expert answers to more complex Villa and Apartment designs.
The basic principles of design are a style that fits the place, the culture, the habits of any people, elegant, timeless, contemporary or classic, functional and of great personality. Reflection design studio is able to tackle any type of project, from consulting and business/ master plan to preliminary design, from final design to light design, from detailed design to construction supervision. The goal of our project is to establish a comfortable and sensory environment, where oxygenate the mind and soul, purified yourself from the hustle of the outside world.
We make a “tailor-made design” “custom design” service which focuses the creation of luxury spaces based on tastes, desires, and needs of the customer. We use energy sustainability, exploitation of renewable energy, eco-friendly materials, cromoterapy, music therapy, aromatherapy and innovative materials.
Throughout the project, reflection design studio will offer a service that includes designing and managing a project from the initial concept, right throughout the design process, including spatial planning, detailing and specification and creating the whole tender documentation package. We will take on full responsibility of overseeing all professional teams and suppliers and liaising with them on the client’s behalf and by maintaining this level of quality control, we can ensure that budgets are strictly monitored and delivery is met within the required timeframe.

The aim of the concept is on mental well-being.