Project name
Milon Residence

Project Type
Single Family Duplex Bungalow

Belabo, Norsingdi

Land area | Build Area
1858.06 m2 | 353.96 m2

Completion date
Undone/ Proposal

Md. Anwar Kamal Pasa

Conceptual Summary
In this single residence, traditional spatial qualities from both urban and rural typologies combine and merge. The courtyard & existing lake hint at the traditional urban typology, creating a water square symbolizing nothingness yet capturing, reflecting and refracting the sky above, the birds in flight, the sun’s arc, the shimmering moon and hence the entire cosmos. Its south and southeast aspects have been designed to allow a flow of cool breezes during the hot, humid summer and to embrace the sun’s comfort during winter. The central water court acts as a natural ventilation system and outlet for hot air, making this intimate court a place of solace and calm.